Lab celebrated the 60th birthday of Inoue sensei

July 27 is the birthday of our beloved Professor Inoue sensei. The whole lab including the current and former students celebrated the very special 60th birthday of Inoue sensei. The party was held on the eve of July 26th, while Mei Sensei asked some representatives from alumni (OB), Japanese and international students to express our gratitude and best wishes for Inoue Sensei.

This year is very special for Inoue sensei because he becomes sixty (60) years old. In Japan, the 60 years old is called as Kanreki 「還暦」which is meant as (full of) cycle calendar(還: cycle and 暦: calendar). This Kanreki has significance as because the person has been around Chinese zodiac with its 12 animals for 5 times. This 5 time means you complete 5 elements of nature (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). So it is a complete cycle. As the cycle is complete, its beliefs as the start of a second cycle, rebirth and become a baby again. So that’s why our Sensei wore red clothes that resemble as an aka-chan (baby in English, aka is red in Japanese).

We all wish Inoue sensei a happy and healthy life always!

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