Dominguez won best student presentation award (3rd place) in IPC 2018

John Jewish A. Dominguez, a third year PhD student, won best student presentation (3rd place) in the recently concluded International Phytotechnologies Conference (IPC2018) held in Novi Sad, Serbia last October 1-5, 2018.

The title of his presentation was “Enhancement or inhibition: understanding the role of plant root exudates in bacterial polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degradation”.

Together with Dominguez, Yang ChongYang (D2) also presented her study entitled “Efficient arsenic phytoremediation by co-culture of Pteris multifida with a multi-functional rhizobacterium”, while Asst. Prof. Mei-Fang Chien presented Wei Shujun (D2) and Qian Zhaojie (D1) works.



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