Annual year-end party held

Inoue lab ended the year 2018 by having the annual year-end party or “bounenkai” last December 14. The party was attended by 20 people that includes the professors, current students and alumni. Before going to the venue, the group had a photo under the Zelkova trees of Jozenji Street illuminated for the annual Sendai’s Pageant of Starlight.

Cheers for the hard work!

Dominguez won best student presentation award (3rd place) in IPC 2018

John Jewish A. Dominguez, a third year PhD student, won best student presentation (3rd place) in the recently concluded International Phytotechnologies Conference (IPC2018) held in Novi Sad, Serbia last October 1-5, 2018.

The title of his presentation was “Enhancement or inhibition: understanding the role of plant root exudates in bacterial polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degradation”.

Together with Dominguez, Yang ChongYang (D2) also presented her study entitled “Efficient arsenic phytoremediation by co-culture of Pteris multifida with a multi-functional rhizobacterium”, while Asst. Prof. Mei-Fang Chien presented Wei Shujun (D2) and Qian Zhaojie (D1) works.



Dominguez (D3) participates ISME 17 in Germany

John Jewish A. Dominguez, a PhD third year student, attended the 17th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology (ISME) held at Leipzig, Germany last August 12-17, 2018.

The conference, dubbed as the “frontrunner in the field of microbial ecology”, was attended by an average of 1750 scientists all over the world. Dominguez presented his study, “Effect of plant in bacterial PAHs degradation in hydroponic culture of sudangrass” through a poster presentation.

Seki (D2) participates RESD2018

Tsugumi Seki, a second year PhD student, participates the annual Regional Environment and Sustainability Development program (RESD) which involves training and information exchange among participating institutions from three countries, namely: Japan (Tohoku University and Kanazawa University), China (Tongji University and Tshinghua University) and lastly, South Korea (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology). The program includes field trips, group discussions and presentations held in each countries under the theme “Green Energy from Waste”.

Double celebration: welcome Shao and happy birthday Inoue-sensei!

Inoue lab celebrated two occasions this Friday, July 27: the arrival of a new foreign exchange student and Inoue-sensei’s birthday! The lab conducted a somen (Japanese cold noodles) and okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) party which was attended by the lab’s current members. Happy birthday to our kind boss!

Shao, a third year undergraduate student of chemistry in Shanghai University, will spend one and a half month in Inoue Lab. Welcome to Inoue Lab, Shao!

Dominguez (D3) wins best poster award in JSEB 2018

John Jewish A. Dominguez (D3) won “Best Poster Award” in the Japan Society for Environmental Biotechnology 2018 Conference held last June 25-26 in Tsukuba University, Tsukuba City. The poster entitled “Plant-induced variability in bacterial PAHs degradation in hydroponic culture of sudangrass” took 1 out of 5 top spots among the 45 participating posters. 

Together with Dominguez, Sen (D1) and Young (D2) also presented their research in an oral and poster presentation, respectively.


Inoue Lab welcomes M-kun

Panupong Wethangkaboworn or M, a 3rd year undergraduate exchange student from Kasetsart University in Thailand, will spend half a year in Inoue Lab starting this June. Last June 22, Inoue Lab officially welcomed M  by throwing a welcome party featuring Japanese and local dishes prepared by the members themselves.

Welcome to Inoue Lab, M-kun!