Lab hosted 2019 year-end party (Bounenkai)

On December 19, Inoue lab hosted the annual year-end party (bounenkai) to celebrate all the achievements as well as to forget the woes and troubles of the past year. All the lab members participated and enjoyed the party. The day was started with the laboratory cleaning followed by the years’s last laboratory seminar. Afterwards, a group photo was captured under the Zelkova trees of Jozenji Street illuminated for the annual Sendai’s Pageant of Starlight which is also one of the tourist attractions in Sendai.

Cheers for the hard work. All the best for the upcoming year!


Inoue Lab Welcomed International Students with Annual Imoni-Kai

Like every year, Inoue lab celebrated the annual Imoni-kai (Taro and meat soup party) on 31 October 2019 and welcomed three new international students, Akhmad Amirudin (D1) from Indonesia, Rao Xufeng (D1) and Xie Jianghao (M1) from China. On this occasion, the lab members together cooked three different types of meat soup, and finally enjoyed the delicious dishes along with various fruits and juices.


Lab celebrated the 60th birthday of Inoue sensei

July 27 is the birthday of our beloved Professor Inoue sensei. The whole lab including the current and former students celebrated the very special 60th birthday of Inoue sensei. The party was held on the eve of July 26th, while Mei Sensei asked some representatives from alumni (OB), Japanese and international students to express our gratitude and best wishes for Inoue Sensei.

This year is very special for Inoue sensei because he becomes sixty (60) years old. In Japan, the 60 years old is called as Kanreki 「還暦」which is meant as (full of) cycle calendar(還: cycle and 暦: calendar). This Kanreki has significance as because the person has been around Chinese zodiac with its 12 animals for 5 times. This 5 time means you complete 5 elements of nature (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). So it is a complete cycle. As the cycle is complete, its beliefs as the start of a second cycle, rebirth and become a baby again. So that’s why our Sensei wore red clothes that resemble as an aka-chan (baby in English, aka is red in Japanese).

We all wish Inoue sensei a happy and healthy life always!

Zhaojie Qian won Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award at 56th AMRRR

Zhaojie Qian, a third year PhD student, won the Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award at the 56th Annual Meeting on Radioisotopes and Radiation Researches (AMRRR), organized by Japan Radioisotope Association, held in the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) from July 3-5, 2019. The title of his presentation was “Tracking absorption process of cadmium inside hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri ssp. gemmifera“.

Students attended ASM Microbe 2019 in USA and presented their research findings

Three international students from Inoue lab- Chongyang Yang (D3), Sandia Primeia (D3), and Leonardo Stari Lazo (D1) attended the international conference ‘ASM Microbe 2019’ in San Francisco, USA on June 20-24 which was organized by American Society for Microbiology. The students presented their research on phytoremediation of As and biodegradation of heavy oil and carbon tetrachloride. They acquired knowledge from other contemporary researches focused on their field of interest and also experienced various modern technologies and techniques for conducting advanced environmental microbiology and biotechnology researches.

Dominguez (D3) represents graduating students in international students reception

John Jewish A. Dominguez, a third year PhD student, was chosen to give a speech in behalf of the international students who will graduate this academic year during the university’s international reception held at Westin Hotel on March 6, 2019.

The event was formally opened by the University President Hideo Ohno who both welcomed the new students and congratulated the graduating students, altogether. He also expressed his desire to further increase the number of international students in the university.

Together with Dominguez, Maria Prudnikova from Russia gave a speech representing the incoming students for the year. In total, around 250 students attended the event.

Prof. Matthias Rillig visited Inoue Lab

Berlin-based Freie University professor, Dr. Matthias Rillig, dropped by Inoue Laboratory on February 7 as part of his two-day visit in Tohoku University. As a keynote speaker during the department’s International Environmental Leadership Program (IELP) meeting, Prof. Rillig talked about microplastics to about 40 students under the said program. He then discussed about soil aggregates on the second day for an invited talk attended by Inoue lab members and guests.



Annual year-end party held

Inoue lab ended the year 2018 by having the annual year-end party or “bounenkai” last December 14. The party was attended by 20 people that includes the professors, current students and alumni. Before going to the venue, the group had a photo under the Zelkova trees of Jozenji Street illuminated for the annual Sendai’s Pageant of Starlight.

Cheers for the hard work!